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Cheeky Sea Lions Break Into A Salmon Farm To Gorge On A Fishy Feast

Hungry sea lions in Western Canada gobbled up the fish from an industrial salmon farm. Conservationists state the farms are a danger to marine life.

Dozens of cheeky (and hungry) sea lions in Western Canada have spent the last few weeks gorging on a seemingly bottomless pit of fish after brazenly entering into an industrial salmon farm – and ignoring all attempts by the company to move the sea lions on. 

Cermaq, the aquaculture giant whose salmon supply was broken into, states the wily predators could evade netting and electric fences in late March as part of a “breach event” at the Rant Point farm near Tofino in British Columbia.

Local conservation groups, who oppose the fish farms and only learned of the breach on Sunday, have warned that the sea lions themselves are in danger the longer they spend inside the farm.

“We witnessed the sea lion going over one of the fences jumping right into a ‘bird net’, a suspended net above the pens. He struggled for quite some time to free himself,” said Bonny Glambeck of Clayoquot Action, a local environmental group. 

“There’s a lot of ropes and hoses around, so we’re increasingly concerned about entanglement.”

More than 100 sea lions have drowned in little over a decade after getting tangled in fish farm nets, as has one humpback whale, highlighting the dangers the farms and their nets pose to local wildlife.