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‘Cavoodles ‘Have Become Australia’s Most Popular Dog Breed

‘Oodles’ of Cavoodles have stolen the hearts of Aussies, taking the title as Australia’s most popular dogs according to a report by Petbarn looking at dog ownership.

The report by pet store, Petbarn, looked at the breeds of more than 750,000 dogs to determine what has been the most popular in Australia.

They found ‘oodle’ breeds - dogs that are bred with Poodles - took up five spots in the top 100 dog breeds, with Cavoodles taking home the number one title.

Cavoodles are a cross-breed of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with Poodle.

The research found that a whopping 16 per cent of all dog births registered with the Greencross Vet Network were Oodles in 2021 alone, which is nearly 1 in 5 dogs.

‘Oodle’ breeds have been bred since around the 1980s, however they began increasing in popularity around 2009 where they were #16 most popular dog, skyrocketing to #1 in 2021.

“All the data confirms it is a real thing because it’s definitely the impression I’ve had as a practising vet,” Michael Yazbeck of Greencross Vets told AAP. So what makes them so popular according to Dr Yazbeck?

“The obvious thing is they’re really cute dogs. A lot of people are looking for something with that puppy look and a generally friendly demeanour.”

He states because they are a ‘like a designer crossbreed’ you will see a huge variation in colour and size across the breed which he believes appeals to people looking for allergy and family-friends pets.

However, Dr Yazbeck from Greencross Vets explains, this doesn't mean all Oodles are 100 per cent hypoallergenic.

"Consult with the breeder, and ideally have any members of the family with allergies to meet the puppy prior to buying,"