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Cat Owner’s Message To Others After Blind Moggy Becomes TikTok Star

A blind cat has become a TikTok star after his owner Emma began posting videos of his new life in London.

Dmitri was a stray cat found in Greece, and was suffering from an infection that led to the removal of his eyeballs.

He was adopted by Emma in January 2019 and has since thrived.

The videos show Dmitri exploring the world on his daily exploits.

Emma hopes the videos will encourage prospective pet owners to adopt more animals, regardless of their limitations.

“There’s something very special and beautiful about Dmitri and I love that people all over the world adore him as much as I do,” she told Jam Press.

“I really hope Dmitri’s online presence inspires other people to adopt animals with disabilities.”

When Emma contacted a cat charity about adopting a pet, it was because of his blindness that Dmitri was recommended to her.

“I live in a flat with no garden space so I needed to find a cat that couldn’t go outdoors – it was recommended to me to adopt a blind cat,” she said.

“Other than the fact he has to stay indoors, he doesn’t act that differently to other cats.”