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Cat Owner Posts Signs Urging Others Not To Feed Their Greedy Cat

Typically, signs of pets around a neighbourhood are for missing or stolen pets; however, these signs alert others of a greedy cat who likes to beg for food.

A family had to resort to postering signs of their beloved, overweight ginger cat around their neighbourhood after realising their cat’s weight gain is due to begging others for food. 

Offering their pet more than enough food at home, the greedy-guts formed a habit of begging strangers for extra snacks, “pretending to be deprived and malnourished,” according to the cat’s owners. 

However, he has a sensitive stomach and eating away from home was causing him to become unwell.

A local resident spotted the sign and shared it to a local online forum to help spread the word, where some chimed in that they too had come across the chubby cat.

Some readers added that the family should take a bit of responsibility, stating that ‘responsible cat ownership’ does not mean allowing your cat to wander freely into other people’s homes or kill wildlife.