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Can’t Find The Words For Your Valentine’s Card? Get A Robot To Write It For You

Roses are red, violets are blue, you thought robots couldn’t love, but they’ve learned that too!

Is writing a Valentine's card really that hard? Are that many of us so emotionally stunted that we can’t express how we feel to the person we are closest to? Do we get a hand cramp after handwriting anything longer than a signature? The answer to all of these is: Yes.

If it were appropriate to send a Valentine a card written entirely in emojis we might be ok but, unfortunately, it’s the one day of the year where we must spell out ‘eggplant’ or something else just as romantic.

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Thankfully, we have a solution. Like everything else in modern society a robot can do it better than us and they are here to help.

Yes, a Valentine's Day robot has been created by US-based application CopyAI. The AI has been programmed to write letters based on examples of Valentine’s Day cards.

To get your special someone’s card all you have to do is tell the AI bot who you're writing to, as well as some basic information about the things you love about them.

For example: ‘to my [girlfriend]. I love the way [you can never tell when I have faked a Valentine's card]’.

Not only is this useful for us hollow humans, but it’s great for the robots – finally they can learn the emotion of love. They’ve had ‘urge to kill’, ‘urge to clean’ and ‘urge to play indoor soccer’ but never, until now, ‘urge to love’.

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I imagine this will come in handy for their own robot Valentine's Day. I went ahead and used their very own system to create what I think they might write for their robot love this February 14th.

Image: CopyAI
The results aren't bad...robots do have lights in their eyes. Image: CopyAI

I think we can all agree this hypothetical robot is getting its wires sparked this Valentine's Day!

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Now we might finally see the Terminator romantic spin-off we’ve all been dreaming of (surely it wasn’t just me…those robots are hot). The leading robot puts down his gun and turns to the camera: “I’ll be back…with your flowers”.

Try your own card here.

Main Image: Pixabay