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Canadian Town Rids Its Name Of Asbestos

A Canadian town called Asbestos is tired of being associated with the murderous mineral and has changed its name.

The small town in Quebec, with a population of 7,000, voted to re-name itself the much more alluring Val-des-Sources, which we trust doesn't mean Asbestos in French.

The town’s original name was no mistake and so called because it was once the site of the world's largest asbestos mine. It’s a real shame the town didn’t hold a diamond mine.

Happy Wiggle Town GIF by The Wiggles

According to the BBC, the town Mayor Hugues Grimard said they won't be changing its signs immediately.

Grimard proposed it could be the end of the year before the formal, legal switch to Val-des-Sources is made. Plus, all old signs should be examined for actual Asbestos.

Australia is no stranger to bad town names. Some we are most proud of are:

1770 in Queensland – it doesn’t even contain letters.

Blowhard in Victoria – the only thing worse might be Blowsoft.

Come by Chance in New South Wales – no one ever plans a visit.

Humpty Doo in Northern Territory – home of the World's Largest Boxing Crocodile, seriously!

Innaloo in WA – be out in a minute, let yourself in!

Nowhere Else in Tassie – that town whose whole vibe is ‘you got somewhere better to be?’

Useless Loop in WA – this doesn’t invite the feeling of excitement and change.

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There are some doozies scattered all over the world. Towns such as Boring in Oregon, Accident in Maryland, Dull in Scotland, Bee Lick, Condom, Bat Cave... and the unlikely list goes on.

And if any one of them changed their name we’d be livid.

Main Image: Ville D'Asbestos