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Canadian MP Caught Naked On Zoom

A Canadian Liberal MP was busted on Wednesday wearing absolutely nothing at all during a virtual House of Commons.

William Amos was in a video conference call with other members of Parliament when he popped up buck naked.

In a statement, Amos apologised to his colleagues and said that he'd made "a really unfortunate mistake."

This isn’t the first time since the world moved to constant Zoom meetings that somebody has appeared in a compromising position over a virtual call and it’s about time somebody did something about it.

So here are some handy tips on how not to get busted with your pants down by your work colleagues while video conferencing.

First, check your surroundings. Ask yourself: “Am I currently on a Zoom call?” If the answer is yes, stay clothed.

Second, check and check again. If you find yourself thinking: “I’m no longer on a Zoom call,” double check to be sure. Close your laptop. Reopen your laptop. Check Zoom again. Close your laptop again. Then you are free to take off your pants.

Third, always assume you are on a Zoom call. Did the Zoom call end three hours ago? How can you be sure? Go back and check again before taking your clothes off in front of the only camera you have in your house.

Fourth, have a separate room for your Zoom calls and your getting naked space. If you are forced due to the size of your apartment to have to use the same room for Zoom and for getting naked then find a way to aim the camera away from the getting naked part of your room. But again, this shouldn’t be an issue if you’ve followed steps one through three.

These are just some handy tips on how you can remain clothed while on a video call which may include your boss or, for example, multiple members of Parliament.