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Calls For Qantas To Abolish Mandatory Makeup & Heels For Female Cabin Crew

Union-led airline workers are calling for Qantas to abolish many of its ‘outdated’ uniform requirements, particularly for women, which some workers say are unfair and outdated.

On Monday, the Australian Services Union made the suggestions in a letter to Qantas CEO Alan Joyce, as the airline looks to update its dress code later this year.

As the airline will already be updating its dress code in 2022, they hope the requests will be considered to be rolled out in the updated dress code.

“We believe that all aspects of the Qantas brand must reflect today’s diverse and inclusive Australia, including the Qantas uniform,” the letter read.

“While airline uniforms have come a long way since the age of miniskirts and towering heels, there’s still a way to go.”

It urges Qantas to consider whether high heels are necessary and even appropriate for female cabin crew to be wearing on all flights. 

Its current policies have rules that enforce women to wear a full face of makeup each shift, wear hosiery and heels and that their watches must be smaller than male cabin crew’s watches. 

A Qantas spokesperson confirmed to The New Daily that they are “committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in all parts of our business”.

“We regularly review our uniform guide and have previously made amendments based on feedback from our people,” the spokesperson said.