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Californian Town Settles In Lawsuit Over Flinstones Themed House

The town of Hillsborough has settled a lawsuit with the owner of a Flinstones themed house, which allegedly violates local codes. I guess there’s a code against having an awesome house.

Florence Fang, a retired publisher and inspiration to all cartoon super-fans has defended her big, round, and colourful house since the town filed a lawsuit against her in March, 2019.

She’s been fighting for her right to keep large sculptures of Fred, Wilma, various dinosaurs and many other characters from the show, all around this yabba dabba dwelling.

What dream home is complete without a Barney Rubble on the lawn? (Photo by Gabrielle Lurie/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

The wealthy and exclusive town of Hillsborough in the San Francisco suburbs claimed that Fang failed to obtain proper permits for her landscaping work, declaring her home a “public nuisance”, and “highly visible eye sore” that is not “in keeping with community standards”. Community standards probably include “being lame” and “hating fun”.

Only the best landscapers do garden beds and astronaut sculptures. (Photo by Gabrielle Lurie/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

Hillsborough went to court in 2019 after Fang failed to comply with multiple stop-work orders, and an order to remove the features around the multimillion-dollar property. An attorney for the town said residents were required to get a permit before installing sculptures, regardless of the theme.

Mark Hudak, an attorney for Hillsborough, previously said the town prided itself on its rural, woodsy feel. But what’s more rural than the stone age?

It's quite a task mowing around the catchphrase. (Photo by Gabrielle Lurie/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

Fang counter-sued and the town has now settled, it will pay Fang $125,000 to drop the lawsuit. The settlement stipulates that the town will review and approve a survey of landscaping improvements. In turn, Fang will apply for building permits.

It’s a real win for all the people around the world who wish to live in a life size replica house of a 1960’s cartoon show.