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Busted! Monkey Caught Monkeying About With A Stolen Phone!

Pics or it didn’t happen.

Monkeys really are the grand theft larcenists of the animal world and we have the case to prove it.

It all began when Malaysian man Zackrydz Rodzi awoke last Saturday morning as though it were any other day, until he looked beside his bed and discovered his phone was missing. Suspecting a robbery, he went through the rest of the house - but no, everything else was in its place. It was as though the phone had disappeared into thin air.

A full day after having to deal with that incredibly irritating ‘I swear I put it here’ feeling, on Sunday afternoon Mr. Rodzi’s father alerted his attention to a monkey outside their home, and then called his phone number and heard it ringing beneath a tree. Pleased to find the phone intact, albeit a little dirty, he scrolled through the messages hoping to get a little insight into what happened. Low and behold, the selfies revealed a culprit:


Some Twitter users are suspicious of the photos, believing that it was all staged, but we all know Monkeys are almost us, therefore becoming social media famous would not be beyond its #monkeylyfegoals. Think about it, it could finally afford all the bananas it could want. Or take a trip to Japan and bathe with those other monkeys that love hot springs.

So whether staged or not, stranger things have happened. And if Mr. Rodzi can get a free iPhone out of all this effort, I think it may have been worth all the monkey bite marks.