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Britney Spears Confirms Her Memoir Is Being Written & Will Be Released

Britney Spears has confirmed previous reports that Simon & Schuster have signed the superstar in a U.S. $15 Million memoir book deal.

An unnamed source had previously told Page Six that Spears' book deal would be "one of the biggest of all times, behind the Obamas". 

Spears has spoken out publicly, confirming that she is indeed working on the memoir for the first time since the reports.

Taking to Instagram on Monday night, Spears shared the news stating that the memoir would tackle painful events in her life that she has "never been able to express openly".

She added that writing the book has been "healing and therapeutic," though "difficult" bringing up past events in her life.

The 40-year old added that she had taken an "intellectual approach" while writing the memoir.

Spears has hit out at her mother and sister since her conservatorship ended, who she accused of taking an "indulgence by writing their own books as I couldn't even get a cup of coffee or drive my car". 

Spears' sister, Jamie Lynn appeared on Good Morning America to promote her book, Things I Should Have Said, in which Spears stated "You are scum, Jamie-Lynn" and "I wish you would take a lie detector test, so all these masses of people see you're lying through your teeth about me."

As of yet, the star has not revealed any details about a potential release date or publisher.