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British Morning Show Debate: Should Over 40’s Be Banned From Da Club?

You wouldn’t expect such a debate in a post ‘Footloose’ world, but two guests on 'Good Morning Britain' were divided on whether people over 40 should be allowed in nightclubs.

The debate came after 54-year-old MP, Michael Gove was seen cutting loose on a dancefloor in Aberdeen, Scotland on the weekend.

22-year-old Scottish songstress, Tallia and 78-year-old DJ, Tony Blackburn discussed the very important issue.

Tony said he thought Michael Gove was having fun and if we ban people over 40 from being in a club, are all the DJ’s over 40 banned from performing? He also said that he was 60 when he first went clubbing in Ibiza and loved it. Plus, when you are over 40 you don’t care as much as when you are 22 or 24-years-old.

Tallia said that now she’s hitting her prime, she doesn’t want to see her Dad or Grandad hitting the clubs, so over 40’s should be banned. I guess that’s easier than texting her Dad which club to avoid.

She said that while she appreciates older people 'living their best lives' she still isn't keen to see the over 40s partying the night away in a place for youngsters. So, in summary Tony thinks that older people can still party hard, but Tallia doesn’t want to see an old person when she’s trying to party... It would kill the vibe. Because they are gross.

Viewers tended to agree with Tony, taking to twitter they wrote: 'Age is just a number. I'm 40 in December and won't stop partying whilst my legs can take it.' 'Why should more mature people not be allowed to go out raving and enjoy themselves. They were younger once!! All because younger people get embarrassed get over it live and let live. The young people don’t rule the dance floor'.

So, the over 40’s won’t be stepping aside anytime soon, because in the words of the Vengaboys ‘We like to party, we like, we like to party’. Young people, you might need to google Vengaboys.