British Men Can Get Paid Up To $750 To Lose Weight

Do you want to lose a few kilos? Do you also want to gain a bit of cash? Are you ready to pack your bags and move to sunny old England? Well, does the UK’s National Health Service have a deal for you.

Men with obesity are being offered up to £400 by the NHS to lose weight, roughly $750AUD.

According to The Telegraph, a trial called ‘Game of Stones’ took place in England.

Men from Bristol, Glasgow, and Belfast could win some cash if they lost 10 per cent of their body weight and keep it off. They also got encouraging text messages reminding them to ‘avoid the kebab shop’ or not ‘treat your body like a skip’.

A few of the blokes in the trial did lose ten per cent and got the full £400, 27 of them to be exact.

While the rest lost approximately 4.8 per cent and got £128 each. An additional £200 was given to anyone who kept the weight off for another six months.

This scheme could roll out across the NHS, with the potential to help blokes lose weight more successfully than traditional methods.

As the study's author, Professor Pat Hoddinott, from the University of Stirling in Scotland explained, ‘The weight lost was greater than for a lot of the behavioural weight management services that are currently offered across the UK. They tend to be very intensive, and we found they don't appeal to men’

So, if this sounds like the perfect weight loss strategy for you, move to the UK and get ready to shed the pounds and gain the pounds.