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British Farm Welcome Five-Legged Lamb

A British farm said they were shocked when they saw one of their newborn lambs was born with a fifth leg sticking out of its side.

Partial owner of the Whitehouse Farm, Heather Hogarty, said the farm welcomed the five-legged lamb as part of a set of triplets. All of the lambs and mum are in good health and doing well.

Whitehouse Farm is in Morpeth, the Northumberland area of England, and surprisingly has been home to another five-legged lamb in the past. Despite the occurrence being rare, only one in a million lambs are born with additional limbs.

Heather Hogarty explained that "It is unusual, but animals having something a bit different does happen -- we get many animals born with disabilities, but you don't see them as often as sadly they get put down,"

Hogarty explained that the additional limb is typically removed, and the animal can live a full, healthy life with no limitations.