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British Company Offers Employees Working From Home Arrangements Full-Time, If You Take A Pay Cut

Flexible work arrangements have been a silver lining of Covid, but would you take a 20% pay cut for the convenience of working from home?

Back before the world was turned upside-down by Covid, which feels prehistoric these days, most people travelled to and from the office without question and working from home seemed like a right reserved mainly for freelance cowboys willing to live job to job.

But after two years of being forced to work from home due to safety protocols, workers have added up the hours and dollars spent on the daily commute and see the many benefits of working from home.

The employer also stands to gain from this arrangement with lower costs on office space and overheads.

It's sparked a lively debate about what drives an efficient and productive work environment.

It's like pineapple on pizza, I can see both sides.

But a Top London Law firm Stephenson Howard has put a price on the arrangement and told their staff they can work from home if they agree to a 20% pay cut."Like so many firms, we see value in being in the office together regularly while also being able to offer our people flexibility", a spokesman for Stephenson Harwood told RollOnFriday.

"For resourcing reasons during the pandemic, we recruited lawyers who weren't based in London but lived elsewhere in the UK. The packages we offered were different from what we offer our people in London." Which we assume was less money.

Which begs the question, how much money would you sacrifice to avoid awkward bathroom encounters with your boss and being able to wear tracksuit pants five days a week?

I believe the official dress code for WFH is: Business on Top, Party on The Bottom.

In my humble cowboy opinion, it all depends on the individual, for some a 20% pay cut is a 20% sleep increase and the difference between prematurely balding.

For me personally, my living situation is 20% happier if I am not zooming in the loungeroom five days a week.

Crunch the numbers and do what's best for you.