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Brisbane’s Mayor Is Calling For Daylight Saving Time In Queensland

Do you like having the sun around for longer during the day? Well, Brisbane Lord Mayor, Adrian Schrinner, is calling for a referendum on introducing daylight saving time in Queensland, stating it's "time" it was revisited.

Thirty years ago, 54.5 per cent of Queenslanders voted against daylight saving, which Mr Schrinner believes is so long ago that many residents who now live in Queensland never had a say on the issue.

"That means that over three million out of the five million people in Queensland didn't get a say," he told ABC radio on Tuesday.

Life has changed dramatically in 30 years, mainly due to the pandemic and shifts in work hours, family dynamics, the population of Queensland, and Schrinner believes many people who now reside in the state would favour daylight saving time. 

He added that having a uniform east coast timezone year-round would make interstate business easier and give people more daylight hours for leisure and work later in the day.

Daylight saving is hotly debated in Queensland every summer with people living in the state's tropics, where there's less variation in daylight hours as seasons change, opposing it.

In December, Attorney-General, Shannon Fentiman, responded to an anti-day saving time petition to parliament, saying it was "not currently" under consideration.

"The government believes there are other priorities facing Queenslanders that require attention, including delivering initiatives in response to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, as outlined in our Economic Recovery Plan," she said.