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Brisbane Likely To Snag 2032 Olympic Games

Brisbane is confident they have secured the 2032 Olympic Games.

Brisbane is hours away from finding out if they’ve snagged the 2032 Olympic Games.

Thankfully what happens in Brisvegas does not need to stay in Brisvegas and can be broadcast to the world.

The people of Brisbane haven’t wanted a snag this badly since the BBQ they attended on Saturday or Sunday or Tuesday. As a Brisbane born girl I can confirm we BBQ five days a week.

I’m rooting for my hometown. We need this. We need to gain back the respect we lost when we were refused the hosting honour in 1992. The opponents to our bids argued the city was too small and unknown. This was somewhat confusing to us because it was offensive but also the first time we had been referred to as a city and not a “wide town”.

Thankfully this time such comments about our size and relevance have been left out. Perhaps it’s because we have a sky needle and needles have never been so topical.

Our needle standing tall and proud. Source: Wikipedia

Why is Brisbane so confident they’ve won the bid?

Perhaps it’s the fact they are the only Aussie capital with a city beach. And I don’t mean the retail store where all the cool teenagers worked in the 2000s. I barely think about that place; not since I saw them put my CV in the bin moments after I handed it to them. I still don’t know if it’s because I wasn’t wearing Roxy or if it was because I was 30 years old at the time.

No, I mean an actual man-made beach in the city. You can go from office to beach in minutes. Now that’s a balanced lifestyle!

File:Brisbane Southbank fake beach.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
"Do you mind passing me my towel? It's just in my briefcase there". Source: Wikimedia Commons

Or maybe it’s because they have a mini Eiffel Tower above an Italian restaurant in Milton. If that doesn’t yell culture I don’t know what does. Just joking I know what yells culture – it's snags with herbs in them.

Brisbane, Paris of the Southern Hemisphere | interestedbystandr | Flickr
Our Italian Eiffel Tower standing tall and proud. Source: Flickr

But in all seriousness, the confidence most likely stems from the fact Brisbane is the only city on the IOC ballot and just needs a majority of IOC support. They have already been chosen as the preferred location and begun “exclusive negotiations” to host.

The local government is so certain of success they have already announced a fireworks display for tonight. Any excuse to use the pile of unused fireworks leftover after the State Of Origin this year.

On a major level, I am happy for them; this win means putting a modern Brisbane on the global map, something it definitely deserves. On a minor level, I’m annoyed because it means my parents complaining about the lack of parks around their favourite pub near the Gabba.

“How hard is throwing a javelin anyway? I’d like to see them try and reverse parallel park a commodore with only half a metre wriggle room”.

I feel the closest I’ll ever be to an athlete when I say ‘You win some, you lose some.’

Main Image: Wikimedia Commons