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Bride Lost For Words After Wedding Cake Disaster

A bride in the U.S could not believe her eyes when a baker delivered her wedding cake that was nothing like what she ordered.

Sharing to TikTok the ordeal, Sara explained she enlisted a local baker to create a four-tier doughnut wedding cake stand for her big day after being highly recommended on social media.

Sara explained she enlisted a baker to put together the doughnut tower for $AU335 because she “didn’t want to have to worry about it on the day”. I mean, who would want to assemble their own wedding cake on the day anyway?

“It’s so frustrating because we definitely could have done this so easily, but here we are,” she explained.

“Cake decorating is super difficult... putting doughnuts on a cake stand is not.”

Sara explained that she had organised for the baker to arrive at 3 pm so she would have a full hour to set up and assemble the donuts and cake as depicted when Sara ordered. 

However, she did not arrive. 

Sara’s bridesmaids and event organiser attempted to get in touch with the baker, to no avail.

Eventually, the baker arrived exceptionally late, at 5 pm. When she arrived, she “dropped everything off in boxes and ran”, Sara explained. 

Her bridesmaids and event coordinator assembled the doughnuts and cake onto a platter so guests could enjoy them.

After the wedding, Sara said her coordinator followed up with the baker about the cake failure.

“She did eventually return our money to us a couple of months later,” she said.

“She did own up to it and she did refund us to her credit. And that’s the story of my cake.”

Her video has been viewed more than 900,000 times - with many describing her wedding cake fail as “heartbreaking”, “ghastly” and “disappointing”.