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Bride Dubbed ‘Devil’ After Enforcing Colour Dress Code On Guests

A bride has received backlash on TikTok after explaining the dress code she shared with guests for her wedding, enforcing a pastel outfit theme.

@samanthatwist on TikTok shared a response to a viral trend about "unconventional things I want to do for my wedding," to which we shared what she implemented at her nuptials.

Samantha stated that she had created a website for their wedding and posted some examples of dress code suggestions for guests to match her wedding's colour scheme. The outfit suggestions stated that they were just recommendations, and Samantha reiterated that "most importantly, wear something you feel beautiful in."

She shared the colour scheme and requested that guests avoid bright colours like red, orange, and white, asking that guests opt for neutral, pastel colours where possible to match the theme of the wedding.

However, Samantha shared that many guests did not kindly the colour scheme and added that "basically, everyone was outraged." 

"I got some much crap for posting this; one of my aunties said if I care so much about what she wears, she's just not going to show up. My mother-in-law was calling my husband, saying 'What the heck is with Sam? 

Does she not understand that people don't have money to buy whole new outfits." she said. 

The comments section on her video was also divided, with some arguing it's perfectly acceptable and others that they would side with her family and be outraged.

One person said: "I would go along with it if asked, but also kinda think it's getting ridiculous how obsessed people are with looking 'aesthetic'."

"If you want to decide my outfit, you'll need to pay for it," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "It's an important day for you and a normal one for everyone else. Chill a bit. It's more important that people come and have fun and celebrate with you."

One person wrote: "I don't get the hate. I personally love a theme! It's disingenuous to pretend aesthetics aren't a part of a wedding. It's like we all coordinated!"