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Body Language Expert's Guide To Flirting

A British body language expert has explained how you can instantly make yourself more attractive while flirting.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Judi James named eight body language Do's and Don’t's to remember while trying to woo the love of your life.

DO - Tilt Your Head

Tilting your head at a slight angle can flatter your face and stop you from looking too seriously.

"The tilt itself is an animal gesture of playfulness and fun, with a cocked head signalling an invitation to join in," James added.

DO - Leave A 'V Gap In' Your Armpits

This is a subtle power move that makes you look self-confident, James said.

"It throws out signals of being comfortable in your own skin but without veering into arrogance or ego," she said.

DO - Glance Backwards

Celebs have popularised this classic look of glancing over the shoulder on the red carpet as it shows off their body shape and looks "sexy and cool".

DO - Arch Back Slightly, Push Shoulders Down

Avoid pushing your shoulders back as it can look rigid, but pushing your shoulders down looks confident.

"The movement also has an intrapersonal effect, meaning it can make you feel more confident, too, by changing your state," James said.

DO - Show Off your Thumbs

The most surprising one on the list of Do's, but showing off your thumbs can exude confidence, such as tucking your hand into your pockets but leaving your thumbs out.

"There's no need to display all your fingers as you speak or stand, and if you're wearing false nails, they can even look like claws," she said.

DON'T- Cross Your Arms

Crossing your arms makes you look closed-off and guarded, according to James.

'Each type of arm-folding signals a different emotional state but none of them are good. Either you're bored or disconnected or wanting to hide,' she added.

DON'T - Hands On Hips

Hands on the hips can look aggressive, as if you are looking for a fight.

"One hand on a hip will create a confident, upbeat look, but two will create an unattractive shape," James said.

DON'T - Cross Legs At The Ankle

James said this look makes you look submissive and creates a bowed effect on the legs.

Instead, stand with your legs slightly apart and balance equally on each leg.