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‘Birds Aren’t Real’ Rally Kicks Off In The U.S

Is it a bird? No… not according to the movement ‘Bird’s Aren’t Real’ which claims that all birds in the United States were killed by the government and replaced by federal surveillance drones.

Well kind of, the movement is taking on the incredibly easy task of poking fun at wild conspiracy theories.

Anyone who has been out during swooping season knows you can’t trust birds, but this joke-spiracy theory is taking things to a new level.

They’re spreading the word that the billions of birds in the United States are not actually animals, but tracking devices that are spying on everyone.

According to leader Peter McIndoe - who has been quoted as saying “I live, breathe and die for the feathered gospel” - they believe that birds charge on power lines and their poop is a liquid tracking apparatus. I wonder if it’s still good luck if a government tracking device poops on your head?

Their first official rally was held on Wednesday in Springfield, Missouri. A group of people gathered at Park Central Square armed with a ridiculous premise and picket signs such as ‘Pigeons Are Liars’ and ‘If It Flies It Spies’.

Look at the wingspan on that tracking device! (Photo by Carlos A Carreno/c3.photos via Getty Images)

It looked like they’re having a great time ridiculing conspiracy theories like QAnon, that have gone mainstream over the last few years. Now they’re really committing to the joke by taking the rally on tour. Hopefully they don’t attract some real believers, but considering all it takes is a facebook post for people to be on board with 5G vaccine-microchip aliens, they very well might.

Despite it being a real-life satire, it is tricky to tell the difference between this elaborate joke and actual conspiracy theories. Actually, the joke is even less far-fetched, I have seen a lot of shady looking Kookaburras in my time.