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Belgium Worker Rights To Request A 4-Day Work Week For A Better Work/Life Balance

Workers in Belgium can now request a four-day work week without a loss of salary

During Covid, a lot of employees have found solace in working from home, which has cut down drastically on travel time. Meaning more time with family, friends and pets.

It can often be months between public holidays and that three-day weekend we long for here in Australia.

But in Belgium, they have gone one step further. Employees can now request a four-day work week without losing salary.

Employees can opt in to work longer days in order to earn a three-day weekend.

Companies, however, can turn down the request under which the employee will work the same amount of hours but must do so in writing, justifying their reasons.

Belgium’s prime minister, Alexander De Croo, said the aim of the labour market reforms, including new rules on night-working, was to create a more dynamic and productive economy.

“If you compare our country with others, you’ll often see we’re far less dynamic,” he said. “After two difficult years, the labour market has evolved. With this agreement, we are setting the benchmarks for a good economy.”

In Iceland, the four-day work week was trialled between 2015 – 2019. Since then, 85% of the countries working population has taken up the offer.