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Beach Goers Gather To Watch A Possible Second Wave Roll In

UK travelers ignore social distancing and Dorset beaches to seek relief from the heat

Health services are planning for a second wave twice the size of the first.

It comes as tens of thousands of people yesterday ignored social distancing rules aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus.

Photos showed Bournemouth beach so packed that if it weren’t for the water you wouldn’t know it was a beach.

Basingstoke Gazette:

Tourists ignored what was advised to make the most of the hottest day of the year so far.

This turnout has been particularly frustrating for Liberal Democrat spokeswoman Vikki Slade who had already taken to Twitter to urge beach goers not to visit.

The councilor wrote: "Please DO NOT come to Dorset yet.”

We are NOT ready. Hotels, attractions, museums and restaurants are closed. Your visit will be much more enjoyable if you come after July 4 when we will be fully prepared for your visit

Clearly, her warnings could not compete with the surfers/sunbathers ready to ride whatever wave comes their way.

Boris Johnson announced on Tuesday the biggest easing of the lockdown as part of the beginning of the end of "national hibernation".

The Prime Minister said that the two-meter social-distancing rule will be replaced by a one-meter plus rule that will pave the way for bars , restaurants, hotels and cinemas to reopen from July 4.

Hold on tight to your boogie boards.