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BBC Pasta Recipe Causes Outrage All Because It Includes, Well, Pineapple

A recipe on the BBC website has not only raised a few eyebrows but has also been seen as a declaration of war on Italy.

Chamında Jayanetti shared a screenshot of the recipe on Twitter, captioning it “BREAKING: The BBC declares war on Italy”.

The recipe in question?

Hawaiian Spaghetti.

Just when we thought we’d never have to hear the ‘pineapple on pizza’ debate again, there’s a new culinary question.

The recipe is introduced as a “family-friendly pasta recipe that makes the most of tinned foods”.

“If your kids love Hawaiian pizza, then this ham and pineapple pasta is a great twist to try for a quick mid-week dinner,” it continues.

Mixed in with the pasta is tinned ham cut into cubes and a tin of pineapple chunks.

“THEY ADD THE PINEAPPLE JUICE,” Jayanetti added in a later tweet.

Hundreds replied to the thread with their own confusion and opinions on the mind-boggling mess of ingredients.

Others shared how they had spruced up the recipe, which currently has a 1.5 star rating on the website.

One alteration included adding a tin of tomatoes to the pasta.

So I guess we’re back at Hawaiian pizza after all.