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Barbie Goes From Pink To Green

Mattel has launched an eco-friendly range of Barbie dolls

Mattel’s Barbie has just launched its first sustainable range of dolls which are made from recycled materials. Mattel is teaming up with recycling company Envision Plastics to help alleviate plastic waste from Mexico’s Baja peninsula.

In case you were wondering, the recycled materials aren’t from other Barbies that kids have outgrown. They’re from recycled ocean-bound materials. It’s a win-win for eco-friendly children and dolphins that prefer not being choked.

The new eco-friendly line might seem odd considering Barbie is known for owning a massive cruise ship, a Ferrari, a million shoes, a helicopter, and a plane. But hey, I guess toys can evolve for modern times. It’s probably only a matter of time until we get a healthier version of Mr Potato Head called Mr Sweet Potato Head.

The new line of dolls is called Barbie Loves the Ocean, so we can only assume that every previous line of non-eco-friendly dolls was called Barbie Hates the Ocean.

Mattel plans on using 100% recycled and recyclable plastic materials for all their products and packaging by 2030, which is an exciting step forward for the toy company. But, fun fact: they actually began cutting down on plastic back when they chopped off Ken’s bits.

It’s nice to see Barbie taking some extra steps in protecting our children’s future. You’re next Hot Wheels. Or shall we say, Tesla Wheels.