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Bar Fines Customers Who Say The C Word… (Covid)

A bar in Ireland is fining customers who say ‘Covid’, giving the money to charity.

There is no doubt 2020 and 2021 are years to forget... if you can remember them at all! As we head into 'Covid normal', people want to move forward with their lives and make up for the stolen years Covid took from us.

For this bar in Ireland, they are sick of hearing the word COVID and COVID related conversations, so they have implemented a €2 fine for any patrons who say the C word. The Alt Bar in County Donegal isn't pocketing the cash, though. No, they are better than that. They are donating the money to a local hospice, a home providing care for the sick or terminally ill.

Christopher Moore, co-owner of the Alt Bar, told DonegalLive that the idea came about after patrons only talked about the pandemic. "So I plonked the Covid jar on the counter, and away we went. A few people were caught, I was one of them myself! By the end of day on Friday, there was €54 raised for charity," he said.

"But we'd like people to enjoy themselves when they do get out for an hour, and we've live music planned for tonight, so the staff will have their ears open, and we'll continue with the Covid jar indefinitely," he said.

"When the time comes, then we'll sit down and decide which charity we'll donate to, and hopefully the money raised can be of use to someone."

If you read this article aloud in the Alt Bar, it'll cost you €16. Do it, it's for a good cause!