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Balenciaga’s “Fully Destroyed” $1,850 Sneakers Raises A Few Eyebrows

Balenciaga, a luxury fashion house, revealed a new ‘distressed version’ of their well-known shoe, ‘Paris High Top Sneaker’ on Monday.

The traditional Paris High Top retails for $625USD. However, the newly released ‘destroyed’ version costs $1,850. So why? And who’s buying this?

The distressed version is a limited edition, and details rips, scuffs and what even looks like dirt, with just 100 pairs made.

Complex reported that the limited run was made purely for an ad campaign and will now be sold more as a ‘collectors’ item for those invested in the brand. 

After unveiling the shoes online, they were met with a lot of criticism. With many Twitter users noting how the rich like the masquerade as poor, calling the shoes “poverty chic”

"Why is poverty now an aesthetic for rich people?" one user wrote. 

Joe Pampliano asked whether Balenciaga was just trolling people at this point, given how costly the shoes are.