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Don’t Bag the Bag Ban

We bust some of the excuses people are making for not getting on board with the ban

A customer getting on board with the ban

Image © 2018 AAP/Peter Rae

Coles has joined Woolworths in providing customers with free reusable bags until Sunday night. The two supermarket chains have banned so-called single-use plastic bags but say many shoppers are still getting used to the change. And as in “used to the change,” they mean, “getting furious.”

The plastic bag ban seems to have brought out the worst in people, with one customer in WA putting their hands around the throat of a Woolworths employee. The outrage even made international headlines, with the BBC reporting on the incident.

According to the ABC, 85.2 per cent of customers said the ban has been great, while 14.4 per cent said it sucked.

Many people are coming up with excuse after excuse as to why they shouldn’t get with the times.

The first excuse is people saying, “It’s a scam, and the supermarkets are ripping us off.” Well, first off, the bag ban will save 100,000 marine life. And if you’re upset about supermarkets making money out of selling plastic bags, then you should be rioting in the streets over the fortune they make out of exploiting gambling addicts. Google it.

The second common excuse is “Reusable bags will kill you.” Some researchers are warning they’re the perfect breeding ground for food-borne bacteria. However, washing your bags will eliminate virtually all pathogens. In other words, don’t put raw chicken directly into your bag.

The third common excuse is “They’re not single-use. I need them to line my bin or pick up dog poo.” Well, you can put your rubbish straight into the bin and wash your bin occasionally. And as for dog poo, buy bio-degradable and compostable bags.

So hopefully that clears up some of the confusion, and brings that 14.4 per cent a little closer to zero.

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