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Average Cost Of Aussie Wedding Drops To $33k

The average wedding cost is down to $33,810, thousands of dollars less than in previous years.

Weddings are expensive. The food, flowers, venue, dress, alcohol… it all adds up. 

You could put down a deposit on a property with the money you spend, but instead, most people opt for a huge party that they probably won’t remember. 

Well, thankfully, it seems weddings are becoming cheaper. 

Easy Weddings has released its annual survey, and it looks like we are spending less on our big day. 

In 2023, the average wedding cost $33,810, down from $36,000 in 2022, and significantly less than the whopping $53,000 average in previous years. 

So, what’s the reason for these nominal nuptials? Who knows? It could be McDonald’s catering, the rise of homebrew, or maybe it’s forcing your friends and family to DIY all the decorations, making sure they have a terrible time leading up to the ceremony. 

But with the cost-of-living crisis, I don’t think the budget big day is going anywhere. 

Hopefully, people will come around to a quick stop at the registry office and a pub lunch after.