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Author Claims Millennial Men Want 1950s Housewives

In the last 50 years, women have become the backbone of the workforce.

In 2018 in the US, 74 men have a bachelors degree to for every 100 women with one. Sixty-four per cent of women are also the bread-winner or equal earner in their household.

But even while working, women are still left with shouldering the brunt of parenting, the NY Post reported.

Responsibilities such as child appointments falls to 75 per cent of mothers, and women are four times more likely to take days off work to care for sick children.

Women also do, on average, two hours more housework a week than male partners.

Economics professors Francine D. Blau and Lawrence M. Kahn claimed in a 2013 paper that “modern men do not adjust the amount of time they dedicate to housework based on their wives’ employment status.”

Lara Bazelon’s new book, ‘Ambitious Like A Mother’, explores the world of working mother’s and how millennial men are adjusting to modern women.

“Professional working mothers who find themselves with partners who are unwilling to make that shift in perspective and allocation of time and resources have a tough choice,” writes Bazelon.

“Radically compromise who they are and what they want to stay in the marriage, or leave.”

In the U.S., many women are choosing the latter. In 2015, 69 per cent of divorces were initiated by women, of which 90 per cent were university- educated.