Austrian Scientists Discover That Musicians Are More Desirable To Both Men And Women

Scientists obviously have harder and easier days in the office.

Creating a vaccine for Covid was obviously one of the tougher ones. Then there was today.

Today may have been a half-day. Maybe they even worked from home on this one. Actually, this one could’ve been knocked off on their lunch hour after grabbing a schooner and a parma.

According to a new study published in Frontiers in Psychology, being a musician significantly increases desirability and attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Congratulations to the team, presumably headed by Professor Obvious.

The study was taken from a sample of just over 50 German and Austrian psychology students and headed up by study author Manuela M. Marin.

I mean, not to take anything away from scientists. In an age where science is being doubted more than ever, it’s nice to know they can still slam dunk an easy one.

But we’ve all seen the partners of members of the Rolling Stones. In a parallel universe, these 30-year-old women aren’t hooking up with their granddad’s friend who they meet when visiting the hospice.

I mean, come on. Lyle Lovett married prime-time Julia Roberts. We don’t need to get out the Bunsen burners for this one.

Now that this group of scientists have copped this easy task, let’s hope they get a slightly tougher one next time.

If only to keep their brains active, let’s hope they don’t get “Are people more attractive if they are known to have lots of money”.