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Australia’s Humble Bin Chicken Touted To Become Brisbane’s 2032 Olympic Mascot

Australia's bin chicken has been suggested to represent the country as the 2032 Olympic mascot, although many Aussies are not convinced.

The ibis, affectionately known to Aussies as the bin chicken, has been flagged as a top mascot contender for the Brisbane Olympic Games in 2032.

However, not all Aussies are happy with the idea of the 'bin chicken' representing our country on the world stage.

The idea was suggested by Queensland Sports Minister, Sterling Hinchliffe, who said he has a 'soft spot' for the long-legged bird. 

"And I know there's plenty of Queenslanders who think that's something that might be appropriate as well.'" Hinchliffe said.

Ultimately, the final decision will be left in the hands of a committee, and with the games being ten years away, there is still time for other suggestions. 

The suggestion was m

et with many unfavourable opinions from Aussies on Twitter, who were shocked the ibis could have been suggested at all. 

'You cannot have a bin chicken as a mascot. No debate necessary,' one user said.

'Everyone already thinks we're a country of bogans,' a user wrote. 'The mere consideration of the bin chicken being an Olympic mascot is next level sh*t'.