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Australian Road Sign Shocks Tourists As It Shows They Won’t Be Able To Use Their Phones For 6 Hours

Over 600km of driving, with no phone reception, shocks internet users.

A sign in Australia’s outback has shocked the Reddit community, showing a 630km stretch of road with no phone signal.   

The sign is on Diamantina Developmental Road and is one of Australia’s longest roads, going for 1344km. The road, which is mostly sealed, is often single-lane, with some long dirt sections, running from Charleville in the south-central part of the state to Mount Isa in the northwest.  

The sign highlights to overseas readers just how big and open Australia is, blowing the minds of social media users.   

To put the distance into context for those in Australia, it’s about the length of driving Melbourne to Canberra. That’s approximately 6-hours worth of driving.   

For those same people and the rest of social media, now imagine 6 hours with no phone reception. No Instagram. No TikTok. It’s basically like the ‘90s.   

For those looking for adventure in the Australian outback, a 4WD would be advised, as would a satellite phone.   

Picture: Reddit / @Rd28T