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Australian Police Force Join In April Fool’s Day Antics With A Few Classics

Who said the police don’t have a sense of humour?

Well, probably everyone jail, but that’s not the point right now. The fact is, the Australian Police Force has once again aimed for our collective funny bone and attempted a collection of whacky April Fool’s Day jokes. Were they corny? Yes. Were they entertaining? Also, yes. But we’re they believable? Not in the slightest.

Let’s have a gander at what they served us. 

The NSW Police Force has upped the ante when it comes to their search teams, by recruiting feathered team members. ‘Sergeant Fetherington’ was confident that ‘I.B.I.S - the Inter Bin Investigation Squad’ will be able to harness their scavenger skills to collect forensic evidence at crime scenes. Well played, NSW.

Over to the Victorian Police Force where they made an announcement that wild camels are going to be a new mode of transport for their coppers. They attempted to sell the idea by explaining that amongst other things, camels are fuel-efficient (um, duh), and they had the ability to shut their nostrils. Thanks, Victoria, we also wish we had that ability because this April Fool’s joke stinks of a dad joke.

Sticking to the animal theme, Queensland Police Force joined in the fun by declaring that they are teaming up with the Irwins at Australia Zoo to recruit for their new team: Police Animals in the Wild (PAW). It seemed fishy straight off the bat, but good try, Queensland!

And Tasmania didn’t want to be left out of the animal shenanigans, so they too made an announcement that they would be using horses in place of cars and motorbikes to combat fuel prices and climate change. It wasn’t the most far-fetched joke, and it certainly wasn’t the most creative, but good on Tasmania for joining in!

Lastly, Western Australia chimed in, but they missed the animal memo. They declared they were going to replace their cars with a fleet of tiny Hyundai Getz to get through tight spaces to catch the bad guys. Adorable, Western Australia. 

So well done, Australian Police Force. In a world full of grimness, it was delightful to see you’ve still got a sense of humour.