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Aussies Have Gone Doughnut Mad And We Have Zero Problems With That

"Doughnut Day" has really caught on, and we're loving it.

In Victoria right now it's six days in a row with no new cases, or as many Victorians have come to call it, it's our sixth consecutive "Doughnut Day".  It's a moniker that's really caught on and looks like it's here to stay. And with good reason; who doesn't love a bloody doughnut?

The Guardian has said that the humble doughnut has become a symbol of "Covid hope" for Australia, and they are pretty much bang on. Aussies everywhere are putting out their doughnuts every time we get a zero-case day, and thankfully those days are becoming more and more frequent. With crossed fingers, lovers of sweet baked goods will be hoping that we can turn doughnut day into doughnut month, doughnut summer, or maybe even the year of the doughnut.

But could there be a sinister side? What if this is all a conspiracy by the big doughnut companies to saturate the market with their tasty treats? What if Krispy Kreme is behind the whole thing like a puppet master pulling the strings from behind the curtains? Could this be the biggest conspiracy since the moon landing? Nah. But also ,even if it was, who cares?

We're through the looking glass here, people!

But in all these celebrations, it's easy to forget that there are people out there living the doughnut lifestyle every day, who aren't able to get their sugary fix, because the rest of us have bogarted all the doughnut. Let's not turn this into another toilet paper fiasco. Remember to only buy what you need (and maybe a couple extra) so we can all share in the goodness.

Don't hoard doughnuts!!

If we keep doing our best and working towards a doughnut day every day, hopefully by this time next year Covid won't be a concern anymore. The only health concern we will have is our plump bellies and blood sugar levels from all the family-sized boxes of cream-filled sugar cakes that we've put away. But that's a problem for another day. Right now, let's put out those doughnut and celebrate!

Main image: @DanielAndrewsMP