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Aussie Airline Rex Increases Fares As Fuel Prices Soar

Travelling to regional destinations by air will cost more as airline Rex has started increasing its fare prices.

The regional airline has been hit by surging fuel prices, forcing ticket prices up by at least $10.

It is the first time in three years the airline has increased prices.

News Corp reported that Warrick Lodge, Rex general manager of network strategy, said the price hikes would begin on Friday.

“With fuel prices shooting up by over 30 per cent in recent weeks and with supply chains being severely disrupted, the existing ticket prices are no longer tenable,” Mr Lodge said.

In late 2020, then-Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack saved Rex from bankruptcy with a $67.7 million package.

The airline industry has been hit hard with the Covid-19 pandemic, effectively grounding air travel for two years.

Fuel prices have soared as the conflict in Ukraine has resulted in sanctions against Russia and its oil sales.

Drivers are already paying up to $2.20 per litre at the bowser in Australia.