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Aus Post Fined $3,000 For Leaving Missed Parcel Slip Despite Couple Being Home

We’ve all had the dreaded ‘missed parcel’ slip however one couple were so fed up with this continuing to happen, they took the matter to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal

The Short family’s debacle with Australia Post began back in 2020, when their postie would consistently leave a missed parcel slip in their mailbox or under their doormat, despite the family being home.

In June that year, the resident, Mr. Wade Short, waited outside one afternoon for the postie to arrive, and after handing him a parcel, he told the worker he had made complaints to Australia Post about his poor service.

The postie argued that his stairs were a hazard which is why he had not been delivering the packages to the door.

Mr. Short states that the postie then “Snatched the parcel back from me and said, 'fine, from now on you can go to the post office to pick up your parcels.”

A few days after this incident, the family received a letter from Australia Post stating that parcels would not be delivered to their address anymore because of health and safety concerns.

Mr. Short made numerous attempts to contact Australia Post and discuss the decision to not deliver parcels to his property, but to no avail.

He then complained with the Ombudsman before going to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, claiming Australia Post breached their responsibilities under Australian Consumer Law.

Fortunately for Mr. Short, VCAT found in favour of Mr. Short and ordered Australia Post to pay $3,100.53 to cover the multiple trips he made to collect parcels and his legal fees.

Tribunal member, Neill Campbell, found that Australia Post had not shown 'due care and skill' when delivering the parcels and that the driver had stopped deliveries because of the complaints rather than a hazard.

Australia Post said they respect VCAT's ruling and would recommence deliveries to Mr. Short's address.

In 2021, the postal worker's union said the practice of 'carding' where collection slips are left without checking if anyone is home is growing increasingly common.