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AstraZeneca Booster Approved For Adults But Is Not The Preferred Option

Some Australians may be eligible for an AstraZeneca booster, but Pfizer and Moderna vaccines remain the federal government's preferred option.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has provisionally approved an AstraZeneca booster for adults.

But the health department stresses Pfizer and Moderna remain the preferred booster options, regardless of what vaccines someone has previously received.

"The decision to receive Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca) as a booster must be made in consultation with a medical professional," the department said.

The department encouraged people to get a booster to better protect against severe disease.

State and federal leaders have clashed about whether international tourists will need two or three COVID-19 vaccines when Australia's border reopens.

Tourism Minister Dan Tehan urged jurisdictions to adopt a unified approach to vaccine requirements for the return of overseas tourists from February 21.

The federal government's advice, supported by the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation, is that visitors will only need two jabs.

But Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews flagged tourists may need a booster shot to enter hospitality venues and major events in that state.

Updates on the efficacy of boosters and Australia's vaccine rollout will be canvassed by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, premiers and chief ministers at Thursday's national cabinet meeting.

It has been brought forward a day so Mr Morrison can meet with foreign ministers from so-called Quad countries the US, Japan and India on Friday.

The apparent easing of daily Omicron infection tallies and capacity of the health system will be on the national cabinet's agenda, along with guidelines to ensure consistent access to virus-hit aged care homes in different jurisdictions.

Australia reported a combined 70 virus deaths across states and territories on Wednesday.

Twenty-four people died in Queensland, with the state also recording 6902 new daily infections.

NSW and Victoria reported a combined 41 deaths, and 10,312 and 9908 infections respectively.

Both South Australia and Tasmania recorded two deaths each, with the former notching up 1671 new infections and the latter 574.

The ACT reported 475 cases as well as one death, the Northern Territory 1128 infections and Western Australia 94.