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Asthma Sufferers Warned To Stay Wary As Record High Pollen Levels Recorded

Asthma and hay fever sufferers have been warned as record-high pollen levels have been recorded.

Speaking to Nine, Professor Janet Davies from Queensland University of Technology's School of Health, warned people living with asthma of extreme symptoms due to the pollen levels.

According to Professor Davies, Brisbane will be the most affected, with pollen levels climbing to 3.8 times higher than its average in the last five years, and said it was "alarming".

"It looks to be in the order of three to five times the total grass pollen seasonal load than we've seen in any previous years recorded anywhere in Australia ever before," she said.

While the pollen season is traditionally between September and December, it has extended well into April this year.

Double the average amount of pollen has been recorded in Tasmania and Adelaide, while Canberra has recorded its highest pollen level in 10 years.

Sydney also recorded its highest pollen level in recent years.

Australia's extended summer due to weather patterns is to blame, said Michele Goldman, CEO of Asthma Australia.

Goldman stressed it is important for those with asthma to stay on top of their treatments at this time.

"With this spike in grass pollen in the air, many of those with poorly controlled asthma are at risk of asthma flare-ups, which can lead to hospitalisation and sometimes it can be fatal," she said.