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ASIO Confirms Foreign Spies Are Contacting Aussies Via Dating Apps

Looking for a date? You might be subject to more than you bargained for on dating apps, as ASIO Director-General confirmed suspicious approaches had been found on popular dating apps.

Speaking on Wednesday evening, ASIO Director-General of Security Mike Burgess confirmed espionage and foreign interference on democracy within Australia has now “supplanted” terrorism as the nation’s “principal security concern”.

He warned of foreign spies using social media and dating apps to mine confidential information from “thousands” of Australians with access to classified information.

Stating, “There‘s been a jump in suspicious approaches on messaging platforms like WhatsApp, for example,”

“ASIO is also tracking suspicious approaches on dating platforms such as Tinder, Bumble and Hinge.”

Burgess warned users of the apps to remain vigilant of the various types of approaches used by foreign powers. These include job offers and messaging via encrypted messenger apps.