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Ash Barty Aces Golf, Wins Club Championship

Well of course Ash Barty is good at golf as well.

As if being the world number one tennis player and a former pro cricketer weren’t sporting achievement enough, Ash Barty is now also the Brookwater Golf Club women 's champ.

Ashleigh Barty Whatever GIF by WTA

For those who hadn't heard, she also played for the Brisbane Heat in the WBBL before her return to tennis in 2016. That's right, she managed to squeeze in some pro cricket while working towards the top ranking in world tennis.

Due to Covid-19, Barty didn’t make it to the French Open this year. While the rest of us used our spare time to bake and eat half-cooked bread, Barty decided to go become the best at something else.

She finished with rounds of 77 and 80 on the par 72 course, and also won her semi-final with five holes left to play. This qualified her as the top seed.

Apparently, Barty isn’t the first pro-sportsperson to also try their hand at golf but still manage to stand out. Brookwater men’s club champion Louis Dobbelaar, a two-time Queensland amateur champion, attests to that.

“I’ve seen quite a lot of golfers come from different sports and she’s the one that stands out the most – by far actually. Her ball-striking’s really good. She just gets that naturally from tennis, the hand-eye stuff,” Dobbelarr told AAP.

Even golfing God Tiger Woods noticed Barty’s natural talent when seeing her hit a ball at a Presidents Cup promo event. According to SportingNews, Woods was heard to say, “She’s got a great swing, are you kidding me?”

Woods obviously had been in Australia long enough to know we would never joke about sport.

Will Barty turn to the green and go the fairway of golf? According to Dobbelaar, she has what it takes.

“She’s got all the tools if she wants to pursue it. If she put her mind to it, I’m sure she could,” he told AAP.

If not golf, than maybe she’ll give Badminton a shot. Or perhaps woodchopping. Whatever the Barty Party chooses, she's sure to dominate.