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Arthur Wraps After 25 Seasons & Shows The World How The Characters Look In The Future

In a tear-jerking finale, Arthur wraps, giving us a glimpse 20-years into the future.

There are a few of us that didn't grow up with Arthur. Either as a child or as the parent of a child. Maybe both? However, Arthur and his friends, Francine, Buster, Brain, Muffy and Sue Ellen, graced TV screens for 25-season and 259 episodes.

The popular kids series did something not many TV shows can do. It gave us a finale episode that you'll love. Set 20 years into the future in 2042, Arthur is all grown up! Giving off some strong hipster vibes, he gathers with his friends to debut his graphic novel, which has some cute throwbacks to the first-ever episode.

For those fans of Francine, Buster, Brain, Muffy and Sue Ellen we also get a glimpse of their future as well. Buster is an English professor, Francine work for a sneaker company, and Muffy becomes a local pollie running for mayor.

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Marc Brown, whose Arthur's Adventure book series was adapted into the series, told New York Times, 'I love seeing reactions from these young adults who grew up with Arthur, the fact that these characters are still fresh in their minds,' he said.

Brown continued, 'It's great that he's touched so many people so deeply that they want him to continue.'

Take a trip down memory lane, and enjoy the Arthur theme song one last time… (Excluding all the times you'll watch it on re-runs…)