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Are You Getting To Know Your Neighbours Because Of COVID-19?

For some, there has never been a better time to ask for a cup of sugar.

I believe it was the cast of Neighbours that said “good neighbours become good friends” but that was probably before Paul murdered Gus and burnt down Lou’s Place so he could start Lassiter’s Hotel. And frankly the amount of twists and turns that happen in Ramsey St would have me moving out quicker than Chop the sheep could escape to a hobby farm.

In the real world, coronavirus has been an absolute heck of time. And it’s during this tough time that we’ve turned to our neighbours, maybe for the very first time. As Jack from Ashfield in Sydney’s west told the ABC, “Up until a couple of months ago we’d probably say hi or we’d nod to each other if we walked past them. But that was the extent of most of the relationships of the people on our street…. So as soon as this whole wacko pandemic started, we thought, ‘Hey, maybe it is probably a good time to reach out and check that everyone’s doing okay.’”

Bingo bango - a couple of introductory letter-box drops later - and there are now 320 houses in a community Facebook group. It’s even led to online trivia nights and a chef selling meals from his home to make up for lost income.

After all, a lot of good things can happen when you’re friends with your neighbours, even Tommy got a bit of kick-back food from Yiayia herself before the pandemic. The lucky scamp.

Plus, we all know the benefits of knowing each other extend beyond food – a sense of community, help with repairs, having a laugh over the fence, keeping an eye on each other’s health, safety and property, collecting your mail while you’re away, if someone’s dog won’t stop barking you can call out its name and it’ll stop, and you can create an inter-connected series of tunnels underneath each other’s homes which means easier access to bike tracks and gambling rings. The opportunities are endless.