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Are You Feeding Your Dog Correctly? New Study Reveals Exactly How Often To Feed Your Pets

All dog owners know that their puppy dog eyes mean sometimes they get fed a little bit too much. However, a study has revealed how often we should be providing them in a day.

Of course, every dog is different, and depending on their breed, size, age, and health determine how much food they eat. 

My American bulldog will eat a lot more than my friend's little chihuahua, but how often should we be filling their food bowls in a day?

A new study that assessed over 10,000 dogs offers some startling insights into the apparent links between feeding frequency and canine health – and the key takeaway is food for thought.

According to the research, and warning to any dogs reading this - you won't like the findings. Adult dogs fed only once per day tend to score significantly better across several indicators of health compared with dogs fed more often. Sorry!

While a feeding frequency of one meal per day was linked with better outcomes for dogs in some areas, in other domains, it wasn't so clear. 

Measurements for disease risk in terms of cardiac, skin, and neurological health, as well as cancer incidence, didn't show statistically significant effects.

As for what that is, exactly, it remains unknown, and the researchers emphasise that the results only show an association, and do not demonstrate causality – meaning we can't conclude that lower frequency of feeding actually causes better health in dogs.

For example, there could be lots of reasons why dogs with worse health might be fed more frequently than healthy dogs (being fed extra meals to take medication, for example), as Bray points out.

So it looks like aiming for one meal a day, with a few snacks, is ideal, according to the initial research.

Of course, consult your vet before looking at making any changes to your fur baby's diet.