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Are We Done Overscheduling After-School Activities?

Parents and kids are experiencing drops in anxiety since the lack of commitments.

Kids these days participate in an overwhelming amount of extracurricular activities. From piano lessons, soccer practice, Taekwondo lessons, and learning Spanish. Dios Mio! That’s a lot to jam into one week. While kids may enjoy these extracurricular activities, the consequential rushing around may be taking a toll on you and your child’s mental health.

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The lack of activities due to the Coronavirus has revealed the level of anxiety we were once withstanding to maintain this hectic lifestyle.

Speaking to ABC Life's Kasey Edwards, Children’s Mental Health Expert Georgina Manning said she’s had many parents approach her recently saying “It’s been so good not to rush around.”

Apparently, without all the overscheduling, there’s also been a noticeable drop in the anxiety of their children. Maybe it’s because all those activities have been replaced by eating Doritos and watching Bluey.

Parents want their children to have opportunities they never had, so extra-curricular activities are a great way to broaden their horizons. But it seems that we’ve lost our way by scheduling one activity after the next. We need to find that balance again. It’s time to schedule in some time to say goodbye to overscheduling.

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The lockdown has forced families to take a moment to breathe. Yeah, turns out that breathing might be kind of essential to living a wholesome life. And no, we’re not saying to start scheduling in some Lamaze breathing classes. We’re saying, it might be time to give ourselves and our kids some space to play, explore, and yes, even be bored!

As stated in Time magazine, there have been numerous studies on the benefits of boredom, and apparently it can even enhance creativity and problem-solving skills. So go out and be bored, and encourage your kids to be bored too. Well, what are you doing reading this article? Go bore your brains out!

To read Kasey Edwards' full article, you can head to the link here.