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Aquarium Company Stops Selling ‘Torture’ Fish Bowls

One of the world’s leading aquarium vendors has stopped producing fish bowls as they make fish go insane and kills them faster.

French company AgroBiothers, will cease producing aquariums that hold less than 15 litres of water and will only sell rectangle tanks.

"People buy a goldfish for their kids on impulse, but if they knew what a torture it is, they would not do it,” AgroBiothers CEO Matthieu Lambeaux told Reuters.

“Turning round and round in a small bowl drives fish crazy and kills them quickly.”

The lack of oxygenation and filtration in small bowls is “animal abuse” the company said.

In a healthy environment, goldfish can live up to 30 years, growing to be 25 centimetres.

Goldfish are also social animals and should live with other fish in a large space with clean water.

"There is demand for fish bowls, but the reality is that what we offer children is the possibility to see goldfish die slowly," Lambeaux said.

Having some knowledge and expertise in maintaining an aquarium is also necessary for caring for goldfish.