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An Inspiring Woman Stopped Doing Housework For Three Days, The Results Will Not Shock You

It’s 2021 and women are not solely responsible for housework but a lot of people still haven’t got that memo, it must be hiding under a huge pile of laundry.

So a fed-up Miss Potkin decided to send a reminder, documenting via Twitter three days of not doing any housework in her family home, because she truly is a hero.

Miss Potkin said she makes all the dinners and does all the cleaning in the house, and wanted to make a point to her family that it’s a lot of work and they should be sharing the load.

No, there isn't a magical fairy who swoops down and does this! Image: Getty.

Three days ago, she stopped doing the dishes and other household chores to see how long it would take for her family help out. Spoiler alert: they did not catch on quickly.

Within two days there was already a substantial pile of dishes and they were running low on spoons, cups and plates. She held her ground and the stand-off continued with many tense moments, one particular highlight was what she dubbed the ‘sausage of death’.

Over the three days there was a big pile of dishes, unreplaced toilet paper and piles of laundry on the floor. Eventually the dishwasher was stacked but not switched on. There was some relief when the bins were taken out but, overall, the sentiment she shared about this time was "It's killing me”.

At the end of the three days her partner has finally switched on to keeping things clean around the house. All it took was three days of living in filth and the world watching on Twitter.

Miss Potkin made it through and was smiling (sort of) at the end.

Her main message was about sharing the load and not taking people for granted. Every mother in the same boat and anyone who has lived in a dodgy share house will be applauding that message as loud as they can.