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An Employee Who Took A Trip To Italy, Uses A Green Screen To Hide His Location

Thanks to companies now letting you work from home, you can now work from anywhere!

A man who went on holiday to Italy without telling his work has used a green screen to dial into a Zoom meeting from an outdoor cafe, changing his backdrop to appear as a lounge room.   

The video uploaded on TikTok by a travel group @efultimatebreak, shows the savvy employee sitting down at a café in a busy street of Italy.   

Placing his laptop out onto the table, he pulls out a folded piece of bright green paper which he attached to the back of his hat.   

Logging into the zoom meeting, footage of his on-screen can be seen with an apartment backdrop, which is slightly blurred to add realness.   

The video, which is closing in on half a million views, has hundreds of users sharing their tips to avoid coming unstuck if you choose to try this.   

The important things to remember are:   

  • Be aware of the background noise. A busy street location might not sound like your apartment. Or stay on mute as much as possible.  
  • Some companies have policies on IP filters and geo security. Be sure your computer will work in your destinations.   
  • Others said just simply don’t use your camera.   

In the comments, the creator does reveal (for legal reasons) that this is a joke and benefits from working for a travel company that allows them to work remotely.