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An Asteroid The Size Of The Arc De Triomphe Set For ‘Close Encounter’ With Earth

NASA is currently tracking three separate asteroids making a “close approach” to Earth, revealing that one is sized similarly to the Arc De Triomphe.

According to experts at NASA, the largest of the trio of asteroids is estimated at being around 154 feet wide. Comparatively, Paris’ monument, the Arc De Triomphe, is 164 feet tall and 148 feet wide.

NASA declares any asteroid that passes Earth within 4.65million miles is labelled “potentially hazardous”, and one of the three asteroids falls within that criteria. 

The largest of the asteroids, named CF3, will go past the planet at a distance of 1.5million miles away on the 15h of February, AEDT. 

While the asteroids are on a potentially dangerous path, NASA has confirmed that none of the asteroids will make a collision with Earth despite their “close approach”.