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America’s Most Expensive Mansion Will Set You Back A Cool $400 Million

A mansion in Los Angeles has gone on the market as America’s most expensive house.

At over 100,000 square feet, the mansion goes up for auction next week with a starting price of $400 million.

So what do you get for nearly half a billion dollars?

The house has 21 bedrooms and 42 bathrooms. Extra rooms in the house include a 40-seat cinema, bowling alley and a candy store.

The wellness centre has a hair salon with a sauna, steam room, juice bar and yoga centre… as well as a hair salon.

There are also five separate swimming pools, including an indoor one.

The master bedroom inside the marble and glass mansion measures at nearly 5,500 square feet. The average newly-built house in Sydney is only 2500 square feet.

So how many people would be able to afford such a lavish pad?

“There are about 3,890 billionaires in the world, so this property is for a very limited audience,” Hollywood realtor Rayni Williams told the Daily Mail.

“But that’s what it was built for and who it’s intended for.”